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Argentina again able to export Halal-certified products to Singapore

05 February 2018
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Today, Singapore re-authorized the entry of Argentine Halal-certified food products. This was informed by the Argentine Embassy in Singapore, following a decision by the MUIS (the government body that issues such certificates) to accept a proposal submitted by the Argentine government in August.

Singapore had not recognized any Argentine Halal certification body since mid-2016. Thus, this authorization will greatly increase the potential for growth of Argentine agro-food products in Singapore, especially for meat products.

This new achievement is the result of close cooperation with the National Service for Agri-food Health and Quality (SENASA in Spanish), which will issue two technical questionnaires required by the MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) for each exporter, and the follow-up by the Ministry of Agro-industry and the Argentine Centre of Poultry Processing Companies (CEPA in Spanish).

Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie welcomed the "possibility of increasing Argentine agro-industrial exports to Singapore" and underscored that "during the last two years, our bilateral relationship has been strongly boosted through high-level meetings." He further stated that "Singapore is one of the most developed and booming economies in Asia, and this offers excellent prospects and opportunities for Argentina's insertion into Asia."

In addition, the Minister of Agro-industry, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, underscored that "exporting Halal-certified Argentine food products to Singapore is a major step towards achieving our goal of becoming the world's supermarket, which means more foreign currency, jobs and growth for Argentina."

Halal certification is a quality assurance process applied to food and other products and services guaranteeing that such products meet the requirements of Islamic law regarding hygienic-sanitary aspects, as well as the method of slaughter for animals permitted for consumption, and food ingredients and additives. Argentine companies now have the opportunity to place their products in the market once they have guaranteed compliance with such requirements.

On 4 December 2017, within the framework of Argentina's trade mission to Singapore, the Argentine Embassy in Singapore and advisers of the Secretariat for Agro-industrial Markets organized a meeting attended by Ambassador Federico Barttfeld, such advisers and the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), with a view to reaching consensus so as to achieve the placement of Argentine exports under HALAL certification.

During the mission, Singapore's sanitary authorities announced the approval of imports of bone-in or boneless meat (cooled and frozen) from Argentine bovine, ovine and caprine species, through a new unified international veterinary certificate, which is the result of the work carried out by the Argentine Embassy in Singapore, alongside the Ministry of Agro-industry, the National Service of Agri-food Health and Quality (SENASA) and the Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency (AAICI).


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