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Argentina and China sign agreement to export Argentine beef to Chinese market

17 May 2018
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Five additional protocols on various products signed

Today, Argentina and China signed protocols authorizing the export of Argentine cooled bone-in and boneless beef, frozen bone-in beef and pancreatic products for industrial use to the Chinese market.

This milestone is the result of over 15 years of negotiations and will boost Argentine beef exports.

China is a strategic partner for Argentina, not only due to its capacity for investment, but also for purchasing Argentine products. This agreement offers a unique opportunity, because it will lead to enhanced job creation in the entire supply chain and will increase livestock production. It will also diversify and boost exports to the Asian giant, which is the top market for Argentine agro-industrial products.

In addition, other protocols were signed in order to open up markets for pancreatic products (used in the pharmaceutical industry), horses, and bovine semen and embryos. Negotiations were concluded as regards the opening of the ovine meat market; however, the agreement will be formally signed in late November, in the context of President Xi Jingping's visit to Argentina.

Within this framework, the Argentine Ministry of Agro-industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are intensively working together in order to draft protocols on honey and cherry products, which remain to be signed.

Press Release No. 203/18