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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship is charged with the foreign affairs of the Argentine Republic and its representation to foreign Governments and International Organizations.

Within that framework, it is responsible for formulating objectives and policies and for implementing plans, programmes and projects relating to a number of fields that may be summarized as follows:

- Political matters: design of and participation by the Argentine Republic in regional integration processes, participation by the Argentine Republic in International Organizations with regards to matters of global interest, such as global governance, human rights, the environment, the fight against transnational crime (terrorism, illegal drug trafficking, human trafficking, etc.).

- Legal matters: procedures relating to treaties, dealing with border and sovereignty disputes and commercial litigation; and matters related to international legal assistance (letters rogatory, extradition requests).

- Economic and trade matters: design and management of integration processes which involve Argentina, as well as taking part in bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship manages the foreign trade service and participates in policy for the development of productive foreign investment in Argentina.

- Consular matters: protecting and assisting citizens, as well as serving the interests of Argentines abroad, strengthening their ties with the Argentine Republic.

- Worship (religious) matters: responsible for relations with all religious organizations present in the country, and for keeping a record of such organizations.

- Cooperation matters: involvement from a foreign policy perspective, in the negotiation of international cooperation in various fields, in coordination with relevant ministries and all other national organizations with competence in such fields. Promoting the design of South-South cooperation programmes through the Argentine Fund for Horizontal Cooperation.

- Cultural matters: promoting and promulgating the image of the Argentine Republic abroad, in all aspects of national culture.