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Spain's new Government

01 June 2018
Información para la Prensa N°: 

In connection with the formation of Spain's new government, which is the result of a change in authorities and took place within a framework of respect for democratic institutions and values, the Argentine Republic wishes the new administration of President Pedro Sánchez success.

 The bilateral and multilateral agenda shared between Argentina and Spain in these past few years has been intensive and fruitful, drawing on the deep historical and cultural ties between the countries, with the belief that dynamic progress will be made towards the implementation of the Plan of Action upon which the Strategic Partnership between the two countries has been built.

 From a standpoint of regional integration, Argentina is confident that Spain will continue to support and be committed to the joint work carried out within the framework of the Mercosur – European Union negotiation, which will result in greater prosperity for both regions.


Press release No. 234/18